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Release 23.06.7

June 22, 2023

  • Fixed bug where errors occurring in separate threads were not being surfaced to the user, instead crashing the application silently. Most notably, this was happening when the user opened an invalid Go project — instead of notifying the user, the application would silently exit.

  • Fixed bug where:

    • User opens an invalid folder
    • The folder is saved as the "last opened folder"
    • The IDE would exit
    • On the next open, it would try to the same folder as the "last opened folder"

    We fixed this by only writing the "last opened folder" if it was successfully opened.

  • Fixed a crash when the user opened a second file in non-Vim mode.

  • Fixed bug where, after a crash, the launcher would prevent another instance of the application from opening for several seconds.

  • Fixed bug with text not deselecting after pressing Cmd+X.